OCBC Bank Singapore Swift Code

OCBC Bank Singapore Swift Code

OCBC Bank Singapore Swift CodeIf you are looking for OCBC Bank Singapore swift code, then we are proud to welcome you on our page. You can find the unique swift code for this bank at the end of our article. Please keep in mind that swift codes are a unique set of numbers and letters that represent unique banks. They are not related to your accounts and each bank has only one swift code. This means that you can use this code for any overseas money transactions that will be sent to your account on this bank. All you need to do is provide this swift code with additional information regarding your account. If the sender bank account is in Singapore as well, you are not going to need this code but if the sender account is abroad then it is not possible to perform the money transaction without this code.

OCBC Bank Singapore is one of the most preferred banking institutions in Singapore and preferred by thousands of residents. As you can supply this swift code information from any branch of the bank, as well as telephone and internet banking branches, you can simply copy the information at the end of this article and send it to the sender.

OCBC Bank Singapore Swift Code: OCBCSGSG

  • OCBC: 4 letters – Bank code (only letters)
  • SG: 2 letters – Country code (only letters)
  • SG: 2 letters – Location code (digits and letters)
  • XXX: 3 letters – Branch code (digits and letters)

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