Bangkok Bank Singapore

Bangkok Bank Singapore

Bangkok Bank SingaporeBangkok Bank Singapore is one of the banks which offer banking services to enterprises. The bank was founded in 1956 as a subsidiary of Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited. They do not provide services to individuals since they mainly focus on commercial banking products. Thanks to their reputation in the country, they have a comprehensive client portfolio and serve more than one-third of the businesses located in Singapore. In case you are running a business in the country or planning to run one soon, then this bank can be a great choice for all kinds of financial and banking transactions.

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Their experienced customer representatives can provide you a consultation about the taxes and liabilities that you need to know about the country. Since they only focus on commercial clients the bank specializes in different banking services such as import & export services, fixed deposit accounts, corporate lending, exchange services, remittance, direct investment & trade-in Thailand services as well as saving, deposit, and current accounts. The headquarter of the bank is in Cecile Street in Central Business district, which the most prestigious district of the country. In addition to their headquarter, they have one additional branch in Silom Road. Thanks to their agreements, you can use the ATMs of other banks for your urgent needs as well.

Head Office 180 Cecil Street
Bangkok Bank Building
Singapore 069546
Official Site

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